Futon drying


We dry the futons used by our guests every morning (except in bad weather), even unused ones.

Because it dries in the morning, it dries for more than one hour on one side.

The most important thing for guests to heal their tired body is the futon.

Futon dying is an indispensable task for us, with the feeling that we want customers to think "I'm glad I came to this cabin".

Our Services

  • Famous date stamp
  • Memorial photo superb view point
  • Boyfriend's spirit trial point

The famous items are date-stamped and have been in existence since 1927 (Showa 2).Since the date is burned with the name of the mountain room and altitude, the best souvenir as a climbing certificate! It will be the best branding.
There are a lot of climbers pushing on a cane every time mountaineering. The branding is different depending on the weather etc., but it is done every day from 4 to 15 o'clock.

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