Meal and menu


The dinner menu is curry rice.
Although extra charges will occur, there are many other additional menus available.

It is limited to the customers of the group (tour), at the time of the entrance of the hut, we hand out the meal ticket.
In addition, the number such as 1 ... is written in the meal ticket.

I think that some of the groups are climbing in some groups, so please do not go to bed or eat at different places after admission.

Dinner start time PM 17:00-

Breakfast is bread.

Set menu of 2 kinds of bread and milk and fruit mix juice. (plans)

This is handed out from the guests who got up before departure.Instead of eating at the cafeteria, it is a lunch box.
There is also a commitment here, as a result of thinking of the customer all employees, it became bread.


Coffee, Cocoa, Milk tea, Condensed milk, Plum kelp tea, Miso soup, Oshiruko, Amazake          Various 500 yen

Fujinomiya Yakisoba, various rice dishes (new menu under development!)          1,000yen

Cup noodle, Cup udon, Soba          600yen

Beer  800 yen
Alcohol          Various 600 yen

Our Services

  • Famous date stamp
  • Memorial photo superb view point
  • Boyfriend's spirit trial point

The famous items are date-stamped and have been in existence since 1927 (Showa 2).Since the date is burned with the name of the mountain room and altitude, the best souvenir as a climbing certificate! It will be the best branding.
There are a lot of climbers pushing on a cane every time mountaineering. The branding is different depending on the weather etc., but it is done every day from 4 to 15 o'clock.

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